Homeopathy and People’s Health | rabble.ca

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN:  Homeopathy and People’s Health | rabble.ca

After some technical difficulties (corrected in our online version!) we had a good conversation including voices both in favour of and against homeopathy. A heated topic, but an important one.

We talk with Peter Fraser, who is Director of the Institute of Homœopathy (http://www.homoeopathist.info/) about the principles behind homeopathic practices and the health benefits he sees his patients enjoying from their homeopathic treatments.

We also talk with Lee Mollers, President of BC Skeptics, and Jamie Williams, Executive Director of the BC Centre for Inquiry   about their concerns about the practice of and theory behind  homeopathy.

Music by the Gruff, Geoff Berner, Maria Dunn and Kevin Efting.


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