Mother’s Liberation: Care-giving under capitalism |

Mother’s Liberation: Examining Care-Giving under Capitalism

In recognition of the anti-imperialist pro-people history of Mother’s Day, People’s Health Radio joins moms in East Van and around the world as we reclaim this day as one of resistance against imperialist war and women’s oppression and exploitation.  PHR examines the health, social, and economic conditions of mothers, providing the unpaid care giving that allows public dollars to be diverted to privatization projects, imperialist occupation, and wars of aggression. 

Mother’s Liberation dreams of how mothers might be liberated from the isolating and at times grueling unpaid work of care giving under capitalism.


  • Valcina Cos, single mom, member of the Breakthrough Mamas
  • Suzanne Baustad, single mom, anti-poverty organizer, and founding member of Grassroots Women
  • Sophia Roberts, a high-school student, reading a Grassroots Women Mother’s Day statement
  • And speeches from the 2011 Mothers on the Move Mother’s Liberation Rally!

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