Up Up Updates!


We have been a little (ok, a lot) slow in adding extra content here on the blog since it’s been summer, some of us have been away, some of us working on other projects.  I keep thinking of new things I want to write about here and so postponing my updates, but as the world continues to roll around on it’s axis, so new ideas keep coming.

So, some housekeeping.  We are now a bi-weekly radio show!  That means that we’ll only be posting two or three podcasts a month but that will leave us more time to do writing, researching, interviewing, not to mention our other non-radio related organizing work!  We are hopeful and happy about this change.

We also plan on doing some regular features that will be exclusive to the written blog, where we explore different ideas about the social and structural determinants of health.  We’ll also be sharing more about who we are in the collective, and we’d love to hear from you also about who you are and what you are passionate about in the world of health, social justice, and fighting the good fight.







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