Another awesome blog about people’s health in the Philippines

My friend and colleague Yuly is over in the Philippines on a solidarity mission and she has started a blog about what she is learning on her journey.

Yuly is an organizer with the Alliance for People’s Health, and she also has been on People’s Health Radio a few times to share her experiences and analysis about how class oppression, sexism and racism impact people’s health.

For me looking through her pictures and writings (I haven’t gotten all the way through the entries, but I look forward to doing so) really brings me back to my own experiences in the Philippines.  I was part of a Canadian Fact Finding mission to the Philippines in 2006, specifically to investigate the  disappearing and murder of progressive organizers perpetrated by the Philippine government against their own people.  Yuly really captures in images and words the conditions that exist for peasants and working class peoples in the Philippines.  Add her to your blog roll!

One thing that stood out for me while I was there is how much richness there is in the soil and sea in the Philippines.  The landscape is so lush and full of life and yet people starve and die because their natural (including human) resources are plundered and sold off for a pittance to imperialist nations such as  Canada.  Like our mining companies, for example.


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