The Mass Incarceration Agenda |

The Mass Incarceration Agenda |

Incarceration is bad for health.  It is unhealthy for the people who are locked up, for their families and dependents, and for the communities that they are integrated into.  Currently poor people, Aboriginal people and people who are addicted to illicit drugs are massively over-represented in prisons across the country, and their numbers are growing.

This show looks at the mass incarceration agenda from the ‘ominous’ crime bill and mandatory minimums to prison construction and privatization in BC to targeting of poor people who use illicit drugs in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. The show includes interviews with Caleb Chepesiuk from the Canadian Students for a Sensible Drug Policy; Stephanie Seaton a blogger from Summerland BC, who has done extensive research on prison construction in BC and Brookfield, the private partner in BC prisons; and Laura Shaver of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users about her experience of prison.


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