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Dr. Julian Tudor Hart: A Socialist Life |

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Dr. Julian Tudor Hart: A Socialist Life |

Julian Tudor Hart is a retired family doctor, now working occasionally as a research Fellow at the new Medical School in Swansea, Wales. He is otherwise occupied in writing and lecturing about health policy research in primary care, and the social functions of health care. Through a long life, his unifying
theme has been application of Marxist philosophy to primary health care.  For more information about Dr. Hart and his amazing body of work, visit

People’s Health Radio spoke to Dr. Hart about his life as a socialist general practitioner, and the values we need to assert for a more just and humane world.

Music by Gil Scott Heron, the Peggy Lee Band, John Friesen, Tim Tweedale, Regina Carter and Nina Simone.


Worker’s Health, Worker’s Voices: Working class health through poetry and music |

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Worker’s Health, Worker’s Voices: Working class health through poetry and music |

On this May Day Special of People’s Health Radio we share our own music and poetry on the topic of working class health and struggle, and also invite guests Beth Grayer and Zailda Chan to also share their poems.  Also includes an interview with Anakana Schofield about her work to revive interest in Helen Potrebenko’s important novel, Taxi!

Poetry and writings by Aiyanas Ormond, Beth Grayer, Cheryl Savageau, June Jordan, Helen Potrebenko and Zailda Chan.

Music by the Strange Fruit Project, Hazel Dickens, Jennifer Efting, Tracy Chapman, and Maria Dunn.

We had so much music and poetry we didn’t get a chance to include!  

Check out this heart stopping prison work song – voices so powerfully full of sadness and anger:

We also wanted to include a reading by Rita Dove of the poem “Parsley” but we ran out of time.  It’s well worth reading, you can check it out here:

 For more information about the Taxi! walk around Vancouver visit Maybe we’ll see you there!