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Health and Human Rights in the Philippines


What’s the state of health and human rights in the Philippines today?

We revisit the story of the Morong 43, a group of 43 community health workers detained by the Philippine Government from February to December of 2010.  What have been the impacts of the detainment and ongoing military harassment on the health workers, their families and communities?


Interview with Aiyanas Ormond – People’s Health Radio co-host and local organizer who is currently in the Philippines with his partner and children on a solidarity mission.  More information about their trip can be found at

Interview with Merry Mia-Clamor, one of the 43 health workers detained by the Philppine government.

and audio from a talk in Vancouver by Dr. Julie Caguiat, spokesperson of the Free the 43 Health Workers! Alliance.

Music by Victor Noriega, Aki Merced/Renato Reyes/Karl Ramirez, Amadou, James Caraang (Feat. Margie Banda and Sol Diana), Black Uhuru

A sad statement on access to health care in the United States

I found this story in the news a few days ago.  A man in Gaston County, North Carolina, saw no other option to obtain health care services but to go to jail.  So he decided to rob a bank – of one dollar.  Here’s the newspaper story:

This story is a sad reflection on the lack of even basic medical care for the 30 million Americans without health care insurance coverage.   In my eyes, there was a crime commited in this story – not by James Richard Verone – but by the inhumane health care system that denies him necessary care and pushes him to desperate acts.

Suffer for your art: A look at musician health and safety |

CLICK TO LISTEN: Suffer for your art: A look at musician health and safety |

On this show we take a look at the state of musician health and safety.  What are the hazards?   What protection do musicians have from injury and strain?  From electrocution to repetitive strain to addiction,  we take a look at the hazards musicians can risk in pursuit of their creative vision.

Includes interviews with Tim Tweedale (Headwater) and Leah Abramson (the Abramson Singers) about the hazards of being a working musician in Canada.

Music by Fred Eaglesmith, David Lindley and Wally Ingram, Headwater, the Abramson Singers, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse.

Poverty, criminalization and health |

Poverty, criminalization and health |

We tell the story of the story of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users campaign against ticketing for vending, jaywalking and public urination in the Downtown Eastside. Positive community alternatives to criminalization and the struggle to see them implemented.