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Rally for Public Dental Insurance; Care and the Welfare State

Smile with Dignity Rally & Lecture on Care and the Welare State |

This week we bring you reports from two recent events in Vancouver: a rally organized by the ‘Smile with Dignity’ campaign for universal public dental insurance, and a lecture at UBC by Professor James Struthers on trends in health care delivery.

On October 29, 2011, organizers and supporters of the Smile with Dignity campaign, an initiative of the Vancouver-based Alliance for People’s Health, rallied at Premier Christy Clark’s constituency office with the message that “the lack of dental coverage in BC is scary.” The Halloween-themed protest included giant teeth costumes, a play, an open mic session and the delivery of a set of demands to the Premier’s office.

In the second part of our show we bring you excerpts from Prof. James Struthers’ November 21 lecture at UBC entitled “Care and the Welfare State: Past Patterns, Future Prospects.” Prof. Struthers’ details the meaning of ‘care’ in a disintegrating welfare state, and the impact of health care privatization for patients and their families.


A sad statement on access to health care in the United States

I found this story in the news a few days ago.  A man in Gaston County, North Carolina, saw no other option to obtain health care services but to go to jail.  So he decided to rob a bank – of one dollar.  Here’s the newspaper story:

This story is a sad reflection on the lack of even basic medical care for the 30 million Americans without health care insurance coverage.   In my eyes, there was a crime commited in this story – not by James Richard Verone – but by the inhumane health care system that denies him necessary care and pushes him to desperate acts.

Health Care for Sale? The Health Impacts of Privatization |

Health Care for Sale? The Health Impacts of Privatization |

Just how public is our public health care system? We look at the trend of increasing health care privatization in Canada and BC, and the health impacts on patients and health care workers.


Roundtable with Vancouver-based Alliance for People’s Health on the community health impacts of health care privatization in Canada

Feature interview with union organizer Jen on Bill 29 and the privatization of health care in BC

Feature interview with Colleen Fuller on the mechanisms of health care privatization in BC

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