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Nine Month Blues: A look at women’s reproductive rights in Canada |

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Nine Month Blues: A look at women’s reproductive rights in Canada |

From birth control, to abortion, to access to information and education, what’s happening with sexual health for women in Canada?

We talk to Greg Smith (Executive Director of and Joyce Arthur (Executive Director of the Abortion rights Coalition Of Canada – about the lay of the land for women’s reproductive rights in Canada.  We also include audio from the audio documentary “The Women Are Coming” about the Abortion Caravan to fight for women’s right too access free and legal abortion.

Music by Peggy Seeger, the Gruff, Ani Difranco, the Great Lake Swimmers and Nellie McKay.

The title of this podcast is borrowed from the Peggy Seeger song “9 Month Blues”.


Suffer for your art: A look at musician health and safety |

CLICK TO LISTEN: Suffer for your art: A look at musician health and safety |

On this show we take a look at the state of musician health and safety.  What are the hazards?   What protection do musicians have from injury and strain?  From electrocution to repetitive strain to addiction,  we take a look at the hazards musicians can risk in pursuit of their creative vision.

Includes interviews with Tim Tweedale (Headwater) and Leah Abramson (the Abramson Singers) about the hazards of being a working musician in Canada.

Music by Fred Eaglesmith, David Lindley and Wally Ingram, Headwater, the Abramson Singers, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse.

Poverty, criminalization and health |

Poverty, criminalization and health |

We tell the story of the story of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users campaign against ticketing for vending, jaywalking and public urination in the Downtown Eastside. Positive community alternatives to criminalization and the struggle to see them implemented.

Worker’s Health, Worker’s Voices: Working class health through poetry and music |

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Worker’s Health, Worker’s Voices: Working class health through poetry and music |

On this May Day Special of People’s Health Radio we share our own music and poetry on the topic of working class health and struggle, and also invite guests Beth Grayer and Zailda Chan to also share their poems.  Also includes an interview with Anakana Schofield about her work to revive interest in Helen Potrebenko’s important novel, Taxi!

Poetry and writings by Aiyanas Ormond, Beth Grayer, Cheryl Savageau, June Jordan, Helen Potrebenko and Zailda Chan.

Music by the Strange Fruit Project, Hazel Dickens, Jennifer Efting, Tracy Chapman, and Maria Dunn.

We had so much music and poetry we didn’t get a chance to include!  

Check out this heart stopping prison work song – voices so powerfully full of sadness and anger:

We also wanted to include a reading by Rita Dove of the poem “Parsley” but we ran out of time.  It’s well worth reading, you can check it out here:

 For more information about the Taxi! walk around Vancouver visit Maybe we’ll see you there!

Homeopathy and People’s Health |

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN:  Homeopathy and People’s Health |

After some technical difficulties (corrected in our online version!) we had a good conversation including voices both in favour of and against homeopathy. A heated topic, but an important one.

We talk with Peter Fraser, who is Director of the Institute of Homœopathy ( about the principles behind homeopathic practices and the health benefits he sees his patients enjoying from their homeopathic treatments.

We also talk with Lee Mollers, President of BC Skeptics, and Jamie Williams, Executive Director of the BC Centre for Inquiry   about their concerns about the practice of and theory behind  homeopathy.

Music by the Gruff, Geoff Berner, Maria Dunn and Kevin Efting.

The Impact of Radiation on People’s Health |

CLICK to listen to: The Impact of Radiation on People’s Health |

As the disaster in Japan continues to worsen, we take a look at the impact of radiation and nuclear energy on people’s health.  We talk to Glenn Alcalay about the history of US nuclear testing on the Marshall Islands, and we also talk to Dr. Dale Dewar of Physicians for Global Survival about nuclear energy in Canada and why Physicians for Global Survival have taken a stand against nuclear proliferation for the good of all humanity.

For more information about Physicians for Global Survival check out

and for more information about the research done by Glenn Alcalay on the nuclear testing perpetrated by the US on the Marshall Islands check out: